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You have got to understand that when you buy parts from Autozone or other carry out parts stores that their warranty is only for the parts. When you go to a full service repair shop most national brands like Goodyear Gemini and Firestone are backing their work with a parts and labor warranty meaning that they will cover the labor cost for a specific time.

Also included in a full service price, you are ( in most cases) paying for a trained and ASE certified Auto Technician to do the work. These guys have paid for their education and tools to do the job right. Let me think just like going to the doctor but for your car! You uneducated people!

Try doing the rear brakes on a Jaguar XJ6 with out any training. It would be like all those unfinished projects you have at home just sitting there or try to repair your own VCR. Your car has over 3 miles of wire and over 250,000 parts. It takes training and dedication just like any occupation.

The days of "Grease Monkeys" have been over for a long time now that your car has a computer controlling even the interior light.

Technicians did not design your car they just want to fix it and that will cost you if you want it done right the first time. Quit shopping for Price and shop by reputation and referrals from friends and credentials.

Product or Service Mentioned: Goodyear Repair.

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