Every time I take my car to one of their stores they try to sell me on a thousand dollar repair.The last time I went their will be my last.I went in for an oil change , and they told me I needed a whole list of 'things they noticed while changing the oil'! I have a friend who used to work for Vespia's and I called him to ask his opinion.I told him everything the salesman was tryng to get me to buy.

He told me to just have the oil change finished and not to sign for anything else.I told the manager thatI only wanted the oil change and that I'd get a second opinion on the other needed repairs.The salesman/manager seemed annoyed that I wasn't buying their lines about "needed repairs,safety issues and 90 days-same as cash credit card.I told him I was taking the car to my mechanic .Instead of giving me my car back-they left it up on the lift for awhile,while they continued to badger me to buy.I talked to my friend who works at a dealership in the area about the bill.He looked at the bill and told me what I suspected.They must be having a slow day and needed to hit their numbers.The repair bill was full of high profit items that they receive incentive's on.One of these items was a fuel injection service.The salesman told me it was because I had restricted injectors!How could he tell this from an oil change???My friend told me that this service is commonly pushed because it is almost pure profit for the company.He said that it was not needed as "the only cleaning of the injectors that this service does is from a bottle of additive that goes in the gas tank.I could go to any parts store and buy a gas additive for a few dollars.He said that most times it isn't even done right anyway,and that he's seen numerous problems caused by a poorly trained "mechanic" performing this service.They said my brakes and rotors all needed to be replaced.Cost 697.00 dollars.They said my car was not good to drive in this condition. I took my car to his shop and had a free inspection done.He said my brakes were fine.I hadover 50 % left on the front and 65%left on the back.Vespia's also said I needed an alignment!

I never had any complaints about my brakes or my car pulling or any other problem.The dealership told me my car was fine .I will be taking my car to this dealership for repairs from now on.It was a much better experience for me and my purse !!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Goodyear Repair.

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:cry ...Stop going there if that is really happening. I doubt that it is as bad as you are making it out to seem.Besides, you can always say NO!!

I've gone to Vespia in Piscataway for many year and have always been treated with professionalism and respect. I try and make sure that Jim is there on the days I take my car in.

He's the repair manager (not sure of exact title). He is really great. Mike, the general manager (there forever), went to another store a few months ago.

Not sure about his replacement. Only time will tell.

If I could give you a high five for your reply I would :) That guy sounds like the type who always walks around think someone is trying to get one over on them.

to the person who "everytime they bring their car to one of the vespia stores"...why do you keep bringing your car there?!?! your a fool and a liar!!!

if you have "your own" mechanic, why is your car at a vespia's? if your "friend" has his own shop, why don't you bring your car to him? why keep going to a place that you don't trust? that makes NO sense!

you live in your own little world thinking cars ONLY need oil changes; your an ***! do yourself and every auto service center out there a favor...go to the bookstore, buy a book on "do it yourself" oil changes and do your own oil changes at home!

San Bartolome Coatepec, Mexico, Mexico #27166

I am so frustrated and I will therefore keep it short: If you do not want headaches and do not want to get ripped off, then please DO NOT go to this service. CONSUMER BE AWARE!!


The mechanics are all encouraged to meet a $ goal and they are told to find more problems with your vehicle than what really exists.

Please be careful and do not use these people. They should be ashamed of themselves for treating local residents this way.

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