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I didn't understand why they (raritan) just ignored what I asked for! They made me wait 45 min for an oil change and then didn't rotate my tires (which was made very clear). I was out of time so didn't argue, but did ask if they checked my wiper blades (which were a part of the "silver" service I had chosen)...they then lied and said yes. It turned out my right blade was shot, which I pointed out kindly....

Anyway...I definitely don't recommend this place...!

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Monetary Loss: $50.

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I work at a Goodyear and honestly we are supposed to have the car a minimum of an hour for oil changes. Only to assure the maintenance checks are actually being done.

The tire rotation issue could be one of two things. Either the tech was too lazy to do it or it wouldn't have Ben beneficial to do so.

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