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My spark plug blew while driving past Vespias; I was in a bind, pulled in and they told me what I needed done. They did the work, I rented a car and the next day I went to pick it up.

The car ran great for about 2 days and then things started going wrong. I thought it was my battery so I brought the car to my regular mechanic. The battery was bad but they also told me I had the wrong spark plugs. I had to rent another car for the day, they changed the plugs, re-tapped the heli coil and put in a new battery for LESS THAN HALF THE COST OF THE WORK VESPIAS CHARGED FOR.

When I went to Vespias with this information the manager was visibly agitated, told me the plugs were correct and was not very willing to make amends. He said he'd email the corporate office but wasn't sure anything could be done.

It's been almost a week and I've heard nothing. Now I have to do all the legwork myself trying to recover some of my money for the poor workmanship.

Monetary Loss: $1200.

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