I went to a Goodyear Auto Center in Cherry Hill, NJ on Route 70 to have my brake pads replaced. During the inspection, Goodyear's mechanic advised me that the front driver's side hub bearing was loose, so I asked them to replace it.

After the work was complete, manager Nick told me there was a problem and that their mechanic had screwed up the rear driver's side hub bearing and to bring the car back the next day and they would replace for free. He said that I would hear a loud humming sound on my drive home, but that it was not cause for immediate danger. The next day (Friday), I brought my vehicle back to Goodyear and the rear driver's side hub bearing was allegedly replaced. After the work was complete, the store manager, Matt, advised me for the first time that there was a problem with the front passenger side hub bearing and he recommended that it be replaced.

He then told me to bring my vehicle back to Goodyear on Monday. As I drove away, and throughout the weekend, I could hear a loud humming noise as I drove my vehicle, the same humming noise that Nick had admitted was associated with the Goodyear mechanic's screw-up. Because I was concerned, later on Friday, I called Goodyear and manager, Matt told me to bring it in on Monday. On Monday, I brought my vehicle back to Goodyear and voiced my dissatisfaction to manager, Nick about the fact that the continuing humming noise started after I had first brought my vehicle on the first day for brake pad replacement.

Nick said they would replace the passenger side, front hub bearing for free but denied that it was his fault. After a two hour wait, manager, Matt, said the work was complete; I received an invoice that indicated that Goodyear installed a new hub bearing on the front, passenger side. As I drove away for the third time, I could still hear the loud humming noise. I then visually inspected the front, passenger side hub bearing and it was still the old one, in other words, the managers misrepresented that they replaced it.

I then called Nick and he did not have any answers for me, in my opinion, he did an awful job trying to cover up what had happened to my vehicle.

Based on my experience, I will never visit a Goodyear Auto Center again. If you go there, ask to see exactly what they did to your car so you do not have to deal with a similar unfortunate event.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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